THE SKINCARE COMPANY: Quantified Skincare

When you can’t find something you need, sometimes the best solution is to take matters into your own hands. 

While somewhat of a cliché, that adage was a real-life case study for Johan Aardal, who as a longtime sufferer of acne found himself frustrated by the harsh—and ineffective—treatments available on the market. Utilizing his background in molecular biology and a pure determination to cure his skin issues, Aardal developed a non-drying formula that proved to be gentle and effective.

Founder Johan Aardal, Age 16

Founder Johan Aardal, Age 16

So effective, in fact, that he was able to quit his day job and concentrate on skincare as a full time venture. Launching a research-based enterprise, the Skincare Company, Aardal has developed a line of products that address not only acne, but also aging concerns—all backed by thorough, current, and peer-reviewed science. Utilizing data from extensive studies, the products are designed to address the root causes of skin issues, taking an “inside and out” approach rather than simply a topical swipe. 

The new line, which Aardal says is “the first product line that truly respects the customer,” has transparency as a welcome feature, with each product’s formula broken down clearly for its users. Just as Aardal originally sought when creating a solution for his own face--when using one of the Skincare Company’s creams, cleansers, or serums, you’ll know exactly what you are putting on your skin, why each ingredient is included, and precisely what kind of results to expect. 

Acne sufferers will benefit from Benzoil, which is a fast-acting spot attacker employing two typically “harsh” ingredients—benzoil peroxide and alcohol. However, in this case, patented micro-milled and organic versions are used, giving powerful and rapid results without subsequent irritation. 

Following that, CONS—a “conceal and heal” treatment—can be applied to blemishes, providing remarkable, buildable coverage while simultaneously working to further mend skin.

For those on the side of aging concerns, a pair of innovative creams, Night and Day—to be used as their names suggest—provide mature skin with a precise cocktail of vitamins that firm things up visibly in just a week or two of use. Day, the newest addition to the line, plumps and repairs, and is currently being UV tested this year to add wrinkle-preventing 15-30 SPF. 

And, for all skin types, the Skin Company offers CLNS, a mild coconut-based cleanser that employs a formula mimicking seawater—gently exfoliating and hydrating while keeping dirt and oil at bay. SALIC is a stronger exfoliator for normal and acne-prone skin, utilizing salicylic acid to help shed the outer skin layer and unclog pores without irritation. 

The Skin Company’s products all started from one individual who decided to take matters into his own hands and create a better, more effective product line for skin concerns. If Aardal wouldn’t put it on his own face, he wouldn’t expect you to either! 

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