This AR Headset Beats Magic Leap in both Performance and Price

MIX is live on Kickstarter right now.

MIX is live on Kickstarter right now.

MIX has launched on Kickstarter, with a huge buzz around the revolutionary AR product. 

MIX’s monocular FoV is 96.1 degrees diagonally (82,9 degrees horizontally). This impressive FoV, which is much wider than the majority of other AR devices available on the market, is the result of AntVR’s Dual-Channel Mixed Optics. The Dual-Channel Mixed Optics is an innovative optical system, developed by AntVR, that combines the outside environment and enlarged display light through two separate optical channels to present AR vision with a larger FoV. This means the MIX gives users a truly genuine immersive AR experiences with a small, comfortable and easy to use headset that is simply not possible on other devices.

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MIX’s extensive FoV gives users a remarkably fluid and natural stereoscopic experience directly through the glasses. Meaning users are no longer required to hold up additional devices to their face to see AR content. In this regard, the headset offers a 1200 x 1200 display in each eye with a 90Hz refresh rate. The inside-out tracking offers six degrees of freedom. These innovative applications add to MIX’s advanced capabilities that allow users to have a completely immersive AR experience.

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The positional tracking can help deliver a complete AR experience that is all around the user. This means virtual objects, like holograms, will remain in place in the real environment rather than moving with the user, even when not in the users' vision.

Content is a crucial element for any AR headset. With this in mind, Mix’s built-in features all it to connect to PC’s and is designed to be compatible with StreamVR. Existing games on StreamVR that have a dark background can be used on MIX, however instead of a dark area, through the headset users will see the real environment. The headset also features two USB ports to connect extension modules to increase the breadth of diverse interaction users can have in AR. Add-on features include eye tracking, hand tracking and controllers.

For those who want to explore the possibilities of AR content creation, it has never been easier. By using a common StreamVR SDK users can now create AR applications. For users that have experience developing content on SteamVR, all that is required is to clear the background and apply the black skybox. Once this is done VR projects will transfer to AR.

Alongside the creation of entertainment applications, Mix can also be utilised as the basis for the development of programs in a variety of other fields. These include education, exhibition, design and other types of industry.

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Since initial development, the MIX has undergone continuous refinement with the team engaging with the wider AR and VR community. As a result, the MIX takes everything people love about AR and makes it even better for inspiring a new age of gaming, creativity and learning.