RUNVI: Your Personal Running Lab Is Here.

RUNVI - Live on Kickstarter!

RUNVI - Live on Kickstarter!

Runvi - The future of running is a wearable that measures your performance where the action happens – beneath your feet. Expertly designed to fit seamlessly into your normal running shoes, RUNVI will help you run better, fast and further than ever before. 

With 30 advanced pressure sensors across both feet and a custom built app, Runvi will take you steps ahead. Not only will it give you the most accurate and precise analysis of your technique, but also real time-coaching. So that every time you run its to an adaptive training plan that will optimise your technique and reduce the risk of injury. How could you not run better than ever before with a running lab driving your every step? 

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The fusion of training science with cutting-edge sensor technology makes the Runvi more advanced than any running app or smartwatch on the market. Its advanced running metrics calculate your power usage to give you an in-depth break down of your energy usage. So you can power your performance from the insole of your shoe by knowing how much of your energy is helping you run and how much is wasted.

Want to run like a pro? With real-time coaching, Runvi will be by your side every time you run. The personalised audio feedback delivers simple, actionable instructions in real-time to optimise your technique and avoid injury. 

What really sets Runvi apart is its tailored approach to training. The system is centred on your individual needs and goals. Giving your the ability to set goals, deadlines and personalise your training, to help you achieve them. So whether you’re just starting out or your aiming to reduce your next marathon time, Runvi will get you there. 

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