BLEEPBLEEPS BENJAMIN BRUSH: the Smart Music Toothbrush for everyone

Benjamin Brush has been designed to make the sometimes hard task of getting kids to brush their teeth, making it a lot more fun, effective and hygienic - even parents can get in on the action!

The app also helps keep the whole family on track with their teeth brushing schedules,
which is important for setting good examples for kids: the dentist recommended 2 minutes, and many parents struggle to get their children to brush their teeth at all.

Benjamin Brush also encourages users to keep brushing by playing their favourite music for two minutes - something that's not only useful, but fun too.

Millions of tracks can be downloaded from the BleepBleeps Music Store so there’s something to keep everyone brushing. To make brushing more effective, Benjamin Brush vibrates every thirty seconds to signal when to move onto cleaning the next part of the mouth.

If you struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth for the correct amount of time, like many other parents across the world - then Benjamin Brush should be a certain buy to solve a age-old issue. 

Prices start from $55 on Kickstarter.