THE WATER GARDEN: By Back To The Roots.

The Home Aquaponics Fish Tank creates a wonderful self-sustaining ecosystem where an aquarium and terrarium live off each other’s waste, beautifully displaying the relationship between flora and fauna.

The system creates a closed loop where the fish waste becomes a natural fertilizer for the plants, who in turn clean the aquarium, providing the fish with pristine filtered water. While the fish tank doesn’t ever need to be cleaned (thanks to the aquaponics system), the fish needs to be fed occasionally and the tank comes with a supply of fish food.

Not just a wonderful addition to a living room or even school, the Home Aquaponics Fish Tank can serve as your own mini-kitchen garden too! Available with its own set of organic seeds, you can grow sprouts and herbs of your own to use in your meals… effectively introducing humans into this beautiful mini-ecosystem!