The Masonic is a unique, fresh take on a traditional timepiece; this watch is the first to utilize a traditionally industrial material in a refined way with its concrete dial and bezel. It is lightweight, water resistant, and durable for everyday wear.

Aggregate has meticulously re-imagined and re-appropriated the use of concrete with their proprietary cement blend. This watch unifies raw elements with art, fashion, and design in an expertly engineered accessory.

Designed from the ground up, the features of The Masonic complement each other for a beautiful, minimal and sophisticated look. Each component of the watch has been thoughtfully crafted to be harmonious and honest in its design.

The watch has a seamless clean case without the lugs seen in traditional two-piece strap watches. The top-grain leather strap is one piece and can be interchanged by simply removing the back of the case. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens is standard on every watch produced and the custom designed crown is set at 2 o'clock to be ergonomically more comfortable. Even the hands are custom designed in stamped brass, inspired by the play on negative space from the frontal view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

A beautiful redefining timepiece for the modern metropolitan. Aggregate have truly mastered the balance between a timeless flawlessness and an innovative trend-setting sexiness, making your wrist one of the most enticingly unique out there.

Crowdfunding, DesignWill Messiha