CONCRETE AUDIO: Robust Design With Clear Audio Finesse.

Who knew that the very material that is virtually synonymous with architecture, had such great acoustics?! German audio company Concrete Audio (the name couldn’t be more direct) decided to ditch wood and ceramic as materials for speaker enclosures and opted for something rather avant-garde, resulting in speakers that don’t just feel robust, but sound incredibly powerful too.

The F1 is a flat, wall-mounted speaker that despite its size and thickness can churn out some seriously goosebump-inducing audio. Made from a slab of concrete, with a rather nicely arrayed pattern of audio drivers, the F1 uses highest-quality audio components like copper foil coils and silver-gold capacitors that work in tandem with concrete’s wave-reproducing abilities to seriously impress.

This innovative product is a high-end loudspeaker made of concrete – flat as a picture, completely active and wireless. Concrete Audio combines an ultra-flat concrete body and the patented array technology developed by Fraunhofer IDMT in a single innovative loudspeaker system. 41 miniature loudspeakers work like a large membrane and deliver a convincing performance. Concrete has a strong inner dampening effect and is also very dense, and the two spell ideal acoustic properties. Purist elegance with cutting-edge technology.

DesignWill Messiha