TRANSPARENT By People People: Wireless Speakers with Flic Button

Not only are these speakers designed to last, but also minimal perfection!

Back by popular demand, People People are releasing another beautiful speaker on Kickstarter Gold. Using genuine materials such as aluminium and hardened glass for a durable, high quality product. The visual appearance is boiled down to the essential, iconic, sound making elements.

The glass cabinets ensure a big sound, yet these speakers blend nicely into any home environment. No extra decoration that disturbs the focus on your music. No “fancy styling” or that ages fast. Timeless.

A small Bluetooth button controls your music in a way we already know. One click for play/pause, double click for next song. Simple wireless music experience

The Transparent Speakers are designed almost entirely from materials that can be recycled to the same quality over and over again. The whole construction is modular, and meant to be upgraded over time instead of ending up on a landfill after only a few years like most electronic products of today. Designed to be repaired, disassembled and reassembled over and over again. Lovely.

Fully funded in less than 6 hours on Kickstarter, pledge now for your chance to get these newly upgraded iconic speakers at their campaign-discounted price before it ends.