RENNISANCE: Filippo Loreti's Luxury Smartwatch Line

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Having already had huge success with their previous two Kickstarter Campaigns, accumulatively raising over $6M+, the Jakutis Brothers are back with the third offering of their 'Affordable Luxury' Watch line, this time with a beautifully crafted watch with Smart features.

Filippo Loreti’s goal is to revolutionize the luxury industry by offering high-quality luxury products at affordable prices. Their current Kickstarter Campaign offers three Watch models: The Renaissance Smartwatch, The Venice Moonphase Series, and The Rome Series. Each have their own unique features - find out more on their Kickstarter Page.


The story of our revolution began in 2014, when two brothers in their early 20's - Danielius and Matas Jakutis - were exploring the luxury watch market. They quickly realized that owning a luxury watch was something they could not afford. This led the innovative brothers on a journey of in-depth research on the luxury watch industry. When they discovered that many luxury watches were (and still are) being sold for 4,000% more than it cost to make them, they knew they had to do something about it.


In 2015, the brothers launched a Kickstarter that raised €926,960, providing them with their first indication that they were on the right path. It was on November 16th, 2016, however, that they realized just how much potential their vision had. Their second Kickstarter campaign raised over $200,000 in the first 24 hours. When the campaign ended in December, it had raised €4,809,548, breaking the record for the most-funded watch campaign in the world. They had raised a total of €5,736,508 (€926,960 and €4,809,548) and their revolution had begun.

Driven forward by the outpouring of support for their vision, Filippo Loreti is continuing to develop additions to their collection of high-quality luxury watches. The company engages customers in the revolution, soliciting constructive feedback and implementing in their unique stylistic approach

To get Filippo Loreti's latest watches for up to 55% off, head to their Kickstarter below: